are you joining us today at the .NET debugging lecture?

Madrid's .NET Users group team has a monthly lecture in MS Madrid office, this month is going to be today 16 Nov 19 CET. They usually give lectures among themselves but we also try to participate when it is possible :)

The purpose of the lecture is to encourage people to investigate these issues/errors all of us has experienced once in our applications, instead of being satisfied with a daily process recycle to workaround the issue and keep the application up (IIS pinging for instance). It will arrive someday when the application has grown a lot and it will not be enough with the daily reboot and we will need a solution, but in that moment the application might be so huge and critical to carry out any change and it will turn into a real crisis (trust me it´s the daily PSS stuff)...thus the sooner we fix the error the better.

We are going to cover basic debugging topics, here you have more or less the agenda we are going to cover

How to start working when we have a problem in a production environment

Memory dumps. What info can we find in a dump and how to capture dumps

.NET debugging. SOS commands and the most typical scenario.

It is going to take about 2 hours more or less so we are not able to go deeper :_)

If any of you is interested in debugging stuff I encourage you  to check tess ferrandez weblog, you can find it in my fab blogs list. If i can find some time i will start a debugging course in the blog. From one side i hope anybody find it interesting and from the other side it will help me a lot to organize my mind =)