post-teched....time to summarize and call to action

One of the things I´ve discovered this TechEd has been the ATE booths, previous years I used to go to sessions, hands on labs and so, but this time I´ve spent most of my time in these booths, sometimes helping other delegates and sometimes asking for help =)  Let´s try to make a kind of summary of this week


WOW, I love to see and meet new people, and I have to say that this week has been amazing mostly thanks to the people I have been with, knowledge sharing, laughs, goodie hunting and some beers as well made the week even more interesting, you already know who you are so I´m not going to write names down because I will forget anybody for sure x)

But I want mention Miguel Jimenez :D, we spent a great week but moreover, if he would not have been yesterday I would have to come back to Bilbao without my wallet ( I confused the bag and put it into his bag....yep... I´m thinking about changing the name of my blog to something like surviving to my own chaos) thanks tho!!

Also I spent a bunch of time with a lot of people from MS corp... Shy Cohen, Paul Andrew, Sonal Pardeshi, Henry Hahn, Matt Winkler, Beatriz de Oliveira Costa, channel 9 guy, Catherine Heller... it was awesome! I have learnt a lot of things from them and I was able to discuss some topics and do/don´t stuff, it is great when you have a technical PM in frot of you that knows the technology you are talking about and is able to explain every detail.  Definitely I will spend more time in the ATE next time ;)


Well, I think that this year sessions were good but I expected even more, maybe a problem of my expectations, however I enjoyed a lot some of these, Workflow Foundation (Paul Andrew), WCF (Shy Cohen) Agile and Team System Stuff (Roy Osherove from teamagile) the AJAX presentations from Nikil Khotari, Garbage Collector internals... but I think that there were some problems with the sessions this year:

 1 - Codings, because some of them were coded as 300/400 and we feelt like these were a 100/200

 2 - There were several "Session Full" moments that made me feel little bit frustrated

 3 - I want to go deeper :_)  Being in PSS mades me want to go deeper and deeper and I missed that depth in the sessions, but I understand that it´s not an extended feeling and it´s not the purpose of this event I think.

My personal Call to action

Go deeper with WCF and WF, these are the areas I most enjoyed this teched, I was not a fan of WF and now after several conversations with the devs I like it a lot :)

Do not forget methodologies and do not miss TeamSystem from the radar. I gave several sessions on this topic but since that sessions I had not time to continue working on it. It was due to the workload in my team, but Fernando Guerrero remind us some time ago that we are the responsibles of our training and career, so no excuses. Fernando´s conference was about the fact of being pilot of our careers and not just passengers.

WPF, the ones you know me you know that I was not fan of WPF cause I am not a good designer, but after talking to Beatriz Costa and Henry Hahn I understand that it´s not needed to be a WPF developer ( not designer ;) )

I will create a flicker gallery to upload some photos and add some blogs to my list (BTW the flan video has not been uploaded to youtube yet :P)

 Happy hacking!