Seville was the MS events city

Spanish version available

We could say that it was an intense day. Tuesday 16th January we had 3 different MS events there, in fact 2 of them at the same time!

Along the morning the University Tour took place in the computering faculty, my colleague Ethel was there. There were a lot of collaborators for the lectures and we had fun ( Miguel Angel Ramos, Juanma, Chema Alonso, Javier Cantón, Miguel Librero... and more, excuse me but I can not remember all the names :_) )

.Net Intro, SQL Injections, AJAX, XNA, ... cool stuff ;)

BTW today they were in Huelva and tomorrow in Merida :)

Along the morning Seville also hosted our IT Evangelists Jose Parada & David Cervigón with the Office, Vista and Exchange launch event for IT professionals. BTW you can find the materials in David Cervigon's blog (in spanish). Even if you have materials available I sincerely recommend you to attend to the sessions if you have the chance. I have seen the Exchange 2007 one with the PBX integration about 3 times and I still enjoy it. There are only 3 more opportunities  for seeing them!!

Along the afternoon it was our time, developers time! We had to deliver the Office, Vista and Exchange launches, but from a developer prespective. Do not get confused with the event name, 3 of 4 lectures are about .net 3.0 ;) Cesar de la torre, Jaime Gallo & Miguel J. Rodriguez collaborated delivering the lectures.

We had a couple of anecdotes along the event...the projector played a dirty trick on us, it did not show the w2k3 machine's screen where I had the sharepoint demo, and I had to show it to the interested people once the event ended. And within the WPF application I accidentally deleted a label and had to add it by hand to the XAML O=P, hope these are the worst problems I would ever face in an event!

There were questions as well, I think that I know the answers, but I want to be 357,2% sure before posting these and check more possibilities, here you have them :

Can we sign an email with a cardspace identity?

Voice synthesis in Windows Vista (dunno if this was the question, but I have it written down, I'll correct it if needed

Dynamic WPF generation and object model management

Once the event ended, went back to the AVE, actually this trip was an event itself, we were 5 (2 of us are quite big) inside an Lancia Ypsilon..what can I say...god bless ZIP!! Also the trivial pursuit match with with penyaskito, the small houses neighbourhood, trunk's coffin... in only 20 minutes ride!, I can not even imagine the drive they had until Huelva once they leave me in the train staion :lol:

Office work today (mails, create some contents, little bit development) and ready for the upcoming days... launches in Valladolid, Tenerife and a .net 3.0 / AJAX day in Navarra :)

BTW, David Carmona will be the MS one in Málaga's event on 25th ;)

Happy Hacking!

PS -> about the thursday's dinner, post-dinner, funny histories, camera recording, etc...I won't say anything cause it's not technical stuff at all :P