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Miguel tagged me, so now i´m supposed to write down 5 things you probably don´t know about me and then tag 5 colleagues =)

1 - I love martial arts and contact sports. I practiced Karate for about 12 years (black belt, instructor and so) about 2 years of tae kwon do and 8 years of kickboxing, now I´m exploring chute boxe/shooto

2 - I worked as a fishmonger from time to time. My mother works as it and I used to help her, so if you want to know the difference among a male and female crab just ping me. It was funny when women told me...see guy? as you do not study you´ve to work!...maybe I explained a couple of times that I was helping my mother...the rest of them I just smiled and agreed :D

3 - I do not want to see ever the exorcist-like movies, ouija stuff make me feel disturbed :/

4 - AGHHHH how can anybody find interesting an spider!! ok Spiderman is my favourite hero, but spiders.... doh! just thinking on them makes me shudder, nothing with the skeleton outside the body can be good

5 - When going to cinema I like to see movies like scarymovie / top secret... that kind of humour makes me laugh a lot, I have planned many times to start a movie with such a jokes but never done it...maybe this year :_)


About the tagging.. I would like to tag.. ElMaligno, Miguel Angel, Pablo AlvarezTess and Ignacio Alonso (hey you sould start a blog! you are tagged now :P )