Tech-ed Developers we go!!!


It seems that I will be at the teched this year, i've only failed 1 time since 2001 and it's a really important event for me because you can go ahead in the game ;) and try really cool stuff that days.

... I'm a HOL addict ...

It's also a perfect place to meet your colleagues (i'm willing to see the MVPs, I was it for a couple of years and I miss them a lot :_) ) ,local media, MVSs, other colleagues from MS in EMEA and Spain that i do not ussually see...

Moreover, this year I have the opportinity to act as an expert in the ATE stands, so feel free to find me and shoot anything related with MS distributed techonologies or support, I will try to be ready for everything =)

I'm wondering which will be the color of the bags this year ;)

 will we meet there?