Wind of change

My role is going to change. I am moving from the GTSC (Global Technical Support Center) to the Development and Platform Evangelism team (DPE). Right now I am transitioning, working both roles, but starting on January 07 I am going to be 100% Communities Developer Evangelist in Spain =)

Before joining Microsoft in March 2005 I was MVP and I used to work a lot with the MS DPE team, it was great, I worked with amazing technology and people, trying to transmit our passion to the attendants that came to the conferences. I met a lot of people all over Spain, people from universities while the university tours, people from other cities, was weird, we saw ourselves twice a year...and after 2 or 3 years we became friends!

The process is quite interesting...the faces from the events turn more and more familiar, and one day you chat for 5 mins after the lecture, then you exchange the email or messenger, the next time you share a coffee, then you try to collaborate in something, and you realize that you are working with great guys and gals! after several events most of the people know each other and you can feel an special atmosphere around the conferences.

Of course I am going to miss a lot my colleagues from the GTSC, is amazing to work in such an environment, I made great mates here (I am not going to write down the names but you already know who you are), and I saw what means to really understand a product. For example, I won't say ever that I know a word about SQL Server once seen Ignacio Alonso (SQL Server Escalation Engineer) working for almost 2 years.

About the DPE role, these are the places where we are going to have events in short time, will we meet there?

PreLanzamiento Desarrolladores Coruña ( 12/12/07 ) 

David Salgado, Jose Manuel Alarcón (Krasis), Unai Zorrilla (PlainConcepts), Pablo Pelaez (Plain Concepts)


PreLanzamiento Desarrolladores Zaragoza ( 14/12/07 )

David Salgado, Jesús Villalobos (Certia), Miguel Gracia (Walqa), Antonio Soto (Solid Quality Learning)

Here you have the agenda

16:00 Keynote

16:30 Business layer - WF and WCF

17:20 Rich Client - WPF

18:10 Web Client - Sharepoint 2007 for developers

19:00 Back home :)