Developer Labs Events in the Gulf Coast

Extreme .NET Series Attend one of our free Extreme .NET events in March or May! This advanced series, focused on ASP.NET security and web application patterns, continues with parts I and II of "Building Identity Management in ASP.NET". In these sessions, we'll build a generic authentication and authorization management framework for ASP.NET security. These sessions are free and open to the public, so reserve your seat today. March 30 - Dallas May 6 - Austin May 11 - Dallas May 12 - Houston
'Whidbey' Briefings Beginning in May Whidbey is the codename for the next version of .NET. The alpha is out, and the beta is coming soon. In May, we'll begin hosting briefings at local Microsoft offices in Houston and Austin to explore the new features, beginning with ASP.NET (awesome!). Dallas will be added soon. You can check out some of the recent work we've been doing with the product team at May 6 - Austin May 12 - Houston