ShedTrax - Super Simple Fat Loss & Lean Gain Tracker

I just released a new application which I wrote to help me monitor my progress through P90X, a very very effective workout program that I’ve been doing for the last 6-7 weeks. I started this exercise and diet routine after seeing tons of friends and family go through it with phenomenal results.

The application is a pleasant looking Panorama application. It costs $1.29 but it has a trial mode that places a very small advertisement on the History page.

Here’s a screenshot. Features below the screenie (one feature has been added since I created the composition below)

You can download the app from Zune (direct link). If you use this every day I would be grateful for a purchase, but there is a fully functional, ad-supported trial mode.



  • Easy-to-use instant calculator. Input your weight and use the plus/minus controls to enter your body fat, obtained either through an electronic body fat reader or the regular caliper/chart method. Approximate cumulative fat loss and weight gain since the first entry instantly appears in green or red.
  • History feature shows all the entries you’ve made, with the ability to individually delete entries.
  • Chart feature shows lean mass (green line) and fat mass (red line) as they increase and decrease over time.
  • Clear Data feature if you want to start over
  • New (not shown) Email feature to email all of your data to yourself in the likely case you want to get it off the phone.