Upcoming Video Series on Robotics and MSRS

Watch this blog for a five-part video series on (very basic) robotics for students (or enthusiasts of any kind, really).

The series uses the iRobot Create as the robot of choice, but for the lessons using MSRS and VPL you can actually simulate the Create if you don't actually have one.

Here is a topical outline:

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting Started
    • Setting up the Create
    • Serial port communication in VC# Express
    • Teaching the robot to sing
  3. More on serial port stuff
    • Setting up and utilizing Bluetooth
    • Driving the robot in a square
  4. Intro to VPL and MS Robotics Studio
    • Learning how to drive the robot via a dialog box
    • See how you can use VPL to create a program without writing any code whatsoever
  5. Introducing Autonomous Behavior
    • Using the iRobot Create's sensors and a flow diagram to back up when an obstacle is encountered
    • Conclusion to the series


This series should be posted on my blog in the next couple of days - keep an eye out for it!

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