Welcome to the Microsoft Dynamics AX product group blog

Earlier this month I enjoyed our Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Washington DC. At this yearly event Microsoft partners meet other partners and Microsoft team members to share ideas, give feed-back, and build connections. At these type of events, I get the chance to meet face-to-face with many partners and get some really valuable feed-back on our product strategy. 

One of the more formal ways for us to share our product plan with our customers and partners is the Statement of Direction (SOD) for Microsoft Dynamics AX, we just updated the SOD, which can be downloaded both from CustomerSource (login required) as well as Partnersource (login required). However, with this first blog post I would like to continue the dialogue on our product strategy with a broader audience.

The purpose of this blog is to provide you with, updates and back ground of the Microsoft Dynamics AX product strategy. Team members in the product group with different roles will offer you specific perspectives such as technology, architectural and overall product strategy. You can expect regular blog posts. Examples of topics of future blog post are: further insights into our retail strategy, initiatives to accelerate implementations based on Industry best practices; the product strategy for Two-Tier ERP deployments.

In closing I would like to share an announcement we did in the AX General session at WPC (you can watch the recording of the session here on Digital WPC). In this session we shared the readiness plans for our next major release of Dynamics AX with our partner community. Getting our technical community educated early on new releases of MS Dynamics AX early is key to high quality implementations and innovative partner solutions, so at WPC we announced the first Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical Conference, January 17-20 2011 at the Microsoft Campus in Redmond WA. Registration for this event is now open, Our Teams are looking forward to share the latest innovations with the technical community with our customers and partners in January! 

Thanks for visiting, your feedback and your support, we love to hear from you!


Kees Hertogh

Director – MS Dynamics AX Product Management