Upgrade to RTM

There we are, last week, during TechEd Europe, we have announced the general availability of Exchange Server 2010 !!!

Yes, I knew it for a while (one of the reason being that I was the track owner for the "Unified Communications" track at TechEd Europe J). Now that the final version is available, I imagine that many amongst you will look after upgrading their lab or test environments, this is the purpose of this post.

Since the beta version, it is possible to perform what we call a "build-to-build" upgrade. This term, used by the customers member of the beta programs, indicates that it is possible to upgrade from one intermediate version to a new intermediate version without having to reinstall everything. Because of the complexity of the environments on which we run our beta versions of the software, this is now a necessity!

How can you do a "build-to-build" upgrade? Simply by using the setup of the new version on the server to upgrade with the following parameter "/m:upgrade". So you have to run the following command from the prompt:

    Setup.exe /m:upgrade

!!! Attention !!! This procedure is not supported in a production environment.

I which you a good Exchange 2010 installation !