Join the family - Become a UI Framework Tester!

By the time I made up my mind that I really wanted to work at Microsoft I was already really excited about the .NET Framework. In combination with C# and Visual Studio it opened a whole new (and managed) world of programming to me. But after a while I wanted more. Just using these incredible technologies was not enough anymore. I wanted to work on the next version of them, a desire which eventually (cutting a long story short) led me to the UI Framework group which is part of Microsoft's Developer Division. Since I cannot talk about what we are working on right now I want to point out that this group has a long track record of delivering features which are used by developers around the world like WinForms as well as working on new innovative technologies like Acropolis.

Speaking of Acropolis, if you're familiar with Acropolis then you probably know that we're rolling " many of the Acropolis concepts into future versions of the .NET Framework for the desktop and Silverlight ". And if you have a strong passion for quality and the developer community you could be a part of it! The UI Framework group is hiring SDETs (Software Development Engineer in Test) right now and offers not only technical challenges but also the benefit of being part of a group with great (technical) leaders like Brad Abrams (and let's not forget the coolness factor of having Scott Guthrie as your VP).

Now, if you're still reading this post then you're probably interested (if not extremely exited) and looking for the "Sign me up" button or at least some more information about the job opening. In that case please have a look at the detailed job description. And I also got links for you in case you're not sure if working at Microsoft is your thing or not: Meet our People (a site on Microsoft Careers) and the equally interesting, truth revealing video Life at Microsoft .

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