What happens in Vegas...

Well, I published a post on Tuesday and haven't ever since (not counting the remote debugging post which I prepared before going to MIX). Turns out MIX got in the way of blogging about MIX on a daily basis (fortunately some fellow MSDN bloggers had time to do so). It is nicknamed a "72-hour conversation" and I have to say this nickname points out a very compelling aspect of MIX which is the opportunity to network with people with different backgrounds working in different industries (a good example for how ubiquitous the web is today) but all with a shared passion for the web and the latest web-related technologies. With that said I've been busy so far talking to customers and partners when not attending sessions. And when not talking to customers and partners I was busy following up with customers and partners I promised to send email or hook them up with someone who they should get in touch with.

But I've been taking notes throughout the event and will start publishing posts about the things that really impressed me over the next couple of days. And this unplanned delay has its positive sides too since it gave me time reflect on what I've heard and seen and I'll also be able to link to the recordings of the sessions I want to blog about. Stay tuned!

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