I'm slowly coming back

We are finally getting settled in the new house, the only frustrating thing is a major lack of internet access, which should be solved this afternoon.  Turns out I'm too far from the CO for DSL, so I'm stuck supporting the local cable company.  I realize it's probably faster in the long run, but I really wanted to avoid it.  Time Warner is coming out this afternoon to install the cable modem.

Since a few people have asked - I love my i600 so far.  I've tweaked my Outlook rules to the point where only (hopefully) relevant email stays in my inbox and the rest is relegated to sub folders.  That way when I'm out and about I'm only syncing email I care about. 

My only complaint so far is the phone can get pretty sluggish at times.  Having seen one of these things running WM 2003, I know it does get better.  Hopefully Verizon gets this update out soon.  The other thing that has taken some getting used to is on all of my previous phones, the “End“ key acted like the “ESC“ key, meaning whatever menu I was in, I'd go back home.  Not the case on Smart phone.  You have to hit the “Home“ key.

On the Verizon front, while their rates are more than Sprint, I have to say I've been blown away by their customer service - it's really a weird feeling after having to brace yourself for an argument when you call in and have the person on the other end be <gasp> friendly.  Coverage at the new house is universally bad.  The TDS phone tech couldn't get a signal with Nextel, the DirecTV install guy didn't get a very good signal with US Cellular.  My wife's old Sprint phone does get a minimal signal, as does the i600 - but it's on Verizon's “Extended Network” meaning no 1X coverage.  We must be in a weird area - drive out of our subdivision and coverage is fine.