Milwaukee area mobile carriers

I’m moving from Madison to Milwaukee later this month and will be taking the opportunity to switch mobile carriers.  I currently have Sprint PCS, but when I was at the new house for the inspection I noticed I got no signal.

I’m really leaning toward a GSM carrier as I want a Bluetooth enabled phone to use with my iPaq h1945.  Plus I spent two years (as a consultant) helping to launch Aerial Communication back in the mid-90’s  so there is a soft spot in my heart for GSM (Interestingly, Aerial still has a web presence - they are now part of TMobile).  Plus GSM gets all the cool phones before CDMA does.

Nonetheless, no matter how cool a phone is, it is worthless without a radio signal, so I’m curious on people experience coverage in Milwaukee, specifically the near-west suburbs like West Allis, ‘Tosa, and Brookfield.  I do know that coverage at the Microsoft office is generally pretty poor no matter the carrier.