Mmmm Coffee

Though it has been open since April, I’ve only just discovered the new Dunn Bros. Coffee shop on Capitol in Pewaukee.  Those from the Minneapolis area will know this place for sure.  For the initiated Dunn Bros claim to fame is how freshly roasted the coffee is – they roast it right in the store.  I stopped in this morning since I was detoured onto Capitol and didn’t have time to make coffee this morning.  I figured what the heck, plus they have free WiFi in the place, so I could do a little work there, enjoy my coffee and then head into the office. 

I’d also been meaning to pick up some beans from there.  When I was in college, Milwaukee and the surrounding area had no idea what good coffee was (hot and brown?  Must be good!)  This was before the likes of Alterra and others which now make it easy to find a good cup of joe (Alterra and Fuel Cafe opened near the end of my first tour of duty here).  So I’d import Dunn Bros when I’d go home fir the holidays.  Today I thought I’d pick up some Kenya.  When I inquired if they had any, the clerk asked the fellow near the roaster if they did.  He said, no, but if I could wait 20min he’d roast some for me (he only had about 10lbs of green Kenya beans left).  How is that for fresh (and service)?

Unfortunately, since the integrated wireless in my laptop has been refusing to work with most networks, I was offline most of the time I was there, but I did get through a backlog of mail offline as well as get most of the week planned out.