My smartphone is on its way

Well, after talking with a few folks, my Verizon Smartphone is on its way to my house.  I haven’t moved yet, but if I wanted to expense any of the phone cost, it had to be done this year.

The main driver of my decision was that I’ve never heard anyone complain about Verizon’s coverage.  Sure, I’m sure there are some complaints out there on their customer service, but listen long enough and you’ll find that every carrier has horrible customer service.

I am even more anxious than normal to get my hands on this phone.  I spent three years evangelizing our mobile platform (including Smartphone) and waiting for “Stinger” (the original code name for the OS) to release.  It was bittersweet to see it launch in Europe (but typical given how backwards US carriers are), and then even more bittersweet to have to wait once it was available here.

Thanks to everyone who offered advice either publically (via comments) or privately (email or dealing with me hovering around your cubicle).  I’ll get back to more dev related stuff soon.  I’m finally embarking on revamping an Office add-in I’ve inherited, although I just picked up another account to support, so free time may be a dwindling resource.