Not exactly loving hotel internet services.

I had a spare moment and was going to go through some unread stuff NewsGator pulled down for me, and low and behold there was nothing.  Odd.  LifeHacker alone posts on order of 20 things a day and I hadn’t gone through my RSS folders in almost a week.

I watched as NewsGator tried to refresh and it kept getting 504 errors when reading the feeds.  I looked and everyone of my feeds addresses was set to <some numeric address>/register.  I’d been in hotels the past few weeks and somewhere along the line the hotel’s connection must have redirected NewsGator to an internal "I accept these terms" sort of page which I’m assuming NewsGator took to be "the feed has moved and is now here".  Now I get to try and re-build my feed list which will probably end up taking all the time planned on reading new items.  Sigh.

[Interesting tangent to this from a co-worker: Why is it cheaper hotels have free high speed Internet yet more expensive places charge you $10.99 a night?]