Solitare - helping you waste time through technology

I know a few people who shall remain nameless that start playing solitaire and fall into this trance where they are completely un-reachable.  And not in the “oh, I wasn’t in cell phone coverage” kind of unreachable, but the “requires physical contact to break the trance” unreachable. I guess I use to be guilty of it – my first Windows CE device (a Compaq C120 – Windows CE 1.0) developed a dead spot on the touch screen from playing too much Solitaire.

Looks like you can count New York’s Finest in that lot as well (except they seem prefer Freecell). [via NewYorkish]

I wonder what sort of outcry from the Police Union would be heard if the city's new desktop build for squad cars left out the games (like most corporations do). For you New Yorker’s sake, I hope they don’t fall into the same trance when playing Solitare.  At least they aren't playing Internet Spades against other cars (at least I hope).