Verizon i600 Update Available

Via Smartphone thoughts, the WM2003 upgrade is now available for the SCH-i600 (get it from here – I’ve heard the site is pretty slow).  Let me tell you first hand if you have this phone you need this upgrade.  Truth be told, I’ve been Beta testing WM2003 on my device since about three days after I got it.  It makes the device a lot more usable, and UI is much more responsive.  One caveat a lot of folks have run into on the build I’m running was that even setting the data connection setting for “Internet” to “Automatic” did not make the phone use Verizon’s Express Network (i.e. packet switched 1XRTT), but instead the Quick 2 Net network which is the older 14.4k circuit switched network.  Using the later causes the data connection to consume minutes off of your plan as opposed to being part of your “unlimited” data (if you have that).

The other cool thing is the .NET Compact Framework is built into the OS!