Why we are fat

A fascinating and intellectual take on why we (especially Americans) are fat in Harvard Magazine.

I’ve been following a low carb regime for over a year now, and am 50lbs lighter because of it.  I have several collogues who have had similar benefits.  I am floored by what I often over hear in restaurants which usually goes like “It isn’t natural, your body needs carbs!”  Yes it does, but for over 99% of our existence on this planet there was no such thing as high fructose corn syrup.  Your body doesn’t need 64oz of corn sweetened soda – it may need all that caffeine to get the project done on time, but not the sugar.

A word of advice if you are considering a low carb way of eating – educate yourself about it.  Eating bags of Doritos Edge chips and Atkins Bars does not count.  Go buy a book like South Beach of Atkins (I more or less followed the later).