DV Pass-through

DV pass-through is a feature that some DV cameras have which allow you to connect an analog signal to one of their inputs, and the camera will convert the signal to DV and output it to its DV port. This can be a nice way of capturing an analog signal if your computer doesn’t have an analog capture card or if it isn’t fast enough to capture at the resolution you desire.

We allowed you to do this in MovieMaker version 1.0 & 1.1, however for 2.0 we tried to be too clever and when you started to capture we would try to play the tape that was in the camera. If you’re capturing the tape, this is what you want but if you’re using the DV pass-through mode then this isn’t what you want and you may not even have a tape in the camera. In this case we would pop up an error and the capture wouldn’t start.

Anyway the good news is that this is finally fixed in Movie Maker 2.1. Even if you don’t have a tape in the camera we’ll still allow the capture to start and DV pass-through can once again be used in MovieMaker.