Hooray for Visa Enhancement Services

I bought a laptop back in December 2002. I didn’t opt for the extended warrantee as it wasn’t that cheap and typically once computers work they tend to be pretty reliable. One thing I didn’t counter for was that I would take the laptop to work in the morning, plug the cord from the power adapter in, take it home at the end of the day and plug it in again. With this frequent use, the power connector on the laptop started to work loose until it would no longer charge up from the power adapter. Unfortunately the 1 year warrantee had expired so it was no longer covered. I sent it back to the manufacturer and $300 later it was repaired.


I then remembered that my Visa card doubles the warrantee of purchases. I’d never tried to use it before so I gave them a call and after a couple of letters and a couple of faxes I received a cheque today for the money. Very nice.