Moved teams

I've been meaning to write this post for a while. For those that don't know I recently left the Video Memories Group to go and work on the Expression Media team.

It was way back in 1999, that I left the Visual C++ libraries team to go and work in a new group that was going to do something with video. In those days we weren't even sure what kind of application we wanted to build and we certainly hadn't started using the name Windows Movie Maker (we started calling our first prototype Mediapad).

A lot has happened since those early days, from the first version of Windows Movie Maker that we shipped in Windows ME, to the latest versions of Windows Movie Maker and Windows DVD Maker that are now in Windows Vista. I'm very proud of all the work that everyone on the team has accomplished over that time.

However 7 years or so is a pretty long time to be on a single team at Microsoft so after finishing Vista I felt it was a good time to have a little change in direction. I'm still in contact with my old teammates and I'm looking forward to trying out all the new stuff they come out with in the future. I also certainly won't be forgetting about Windows Movie Maker and DVD Maker as I still use them myself and you can expect me to write future posts about their features.

So now I'm on the Expressions team, specifically working on Expression Media Encoder. There aren't that many details released about the application yet, but we should be releasing more details at MIX07. In the meantime James Clarke (a most excellent PM on our team) mentioned a few details in this post, however there have been quite a few improvements in the application since then. Lots more to come ...