Journey To The Cloud (Part 1)

Each day, I am blessed to have the opportunity to help our great customers solve their business challenges to achieve more.

I was recently working with a customer and they wanted to develop a plan to move the services in their data center to the Cloud.  Because of this request and others from customers who are looking into the same question, I asked my teammate, Tom Fuchs (@Tkfuchs), MTC Cloud Architect Extraordinaire, to help me record a video series called "Journey to the Cloud" where we walk through a process of moving the services in your Data Center to the Cloud.

We just finished the first part which provides an overview of the "Journey to the Cloud".  It can be found on our MTC Youtube channel (here).  journey-to-cloud1

In this first episode, we

  • Set the foundation and describe what is the Cloud and why customers are moving to it.
  • Lay out the different types of Cloud Services (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS) and relate it to Pizza (One of my favorite foods).
  • Outline five steps in moving to the cloud.

We will be recording short videos drilling down into each of the five steps in the upcoming weeks.  Stay tuned!

[I also wanted to Thank Our Awesome MTC Studio Team:  Kevin Palys for his amazing video wizardry and Karla Ramirez for leading the program planning.  Thanks]