Skype Meeting Broadcast: Enables You to Host Meeting with up to 10,000 Attendees

Each day, I have the opportunity to help our Awesome customers solve their business challenges with Microsoft solutions.

Today, I worked with a customer who wanted to host "All Hands"/Company Wide meetings where their CEO delivers a message to all employees.  I shared with them that in their Office 365 subscription, they own a solution called Skype Meeting Broadcast which does that.  Skype Meeting Broadcast enables you to broadcast meetings with up to 10,000 attendees.  The attendees can be internal to the company for company-wide meetings.  Or, it can also be used to host webcasts to attendees over the Internet.  For example, I host a webcast so that people can learn about Microsoft solutions.


The attendees join the meeting from a web browser on their computer on their phone.  The presenter can start with a basic setup with just computer and webcam.  At the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC), we broadcast webinars with our studio equipment using a green screen cyclorama.


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For more information on Skype Meeting Broadcast, see this link