SSIS Attunity Teradata Connector 1.0



I just worked on an issue where one of our partners were not able to run SSIS Packages using the Attunity Teradata Connector 1.0 for SSIS. Details of the error message is documented below: 


Connectivity to Teradata is fine, in SSIS designer we can also “Preview” the data and map the Columns. At runtime, BIDS reports: “[Teradata Source [22]]Error: The Teradata TPT registry key cannot be opened. Verify that the TPT API 12.0 for Windows x86 is installed properly.”

During my research it seemed following the pre-requisites before using this SSIS Connector:

v Teradata Parallel Transporter (TPT) version 12.0
v Teradata ODBC driver (version 12 recommended)
v If using a 64-bit platforms as a designer client (i.e.; using the Microsoft Business Intelligence Development Studio) both 64 and 32-bit clients should be installed.

I searched in partner's box and also did not see any registry keys and program directories relating to TPT (By Default they should be HKLMàSoftwareàTeradata and %Program Files%\TeraData). I suggested my partner to install Teradata Client Tools and Utilities as I believe TPT 12.0 APIs are the part of the Client Tools and Utilities. Customer however reported that still after the Client tools installation he is not able to get TPT 12.0.

I confirmed the fact that TPT API 12.0 indeed comes as a part of TTU (Teradata Tools and Utilities) installation, but for some reason we were not able to find it in the installer CD that was given to my partner by Teradata. We installed the TPT APIs separately and were able to execute the Package successfully. Teradata confirms that TPT APIs DOES COME as a part of TTU installer.


Anyway: Teradata should drive the issue further if the issue is because of Teradata installation pieces.


Phase 1 Update Dec 12, 2009:

I just went thru the Teradata Tools and Utilities installer and found that Typical install does not put in the TPT APIs required for SSIS. You need to do a Custom Install. I will shortly upload the screenshot of the installer with the required components selected in the Installer Wizard in Phase 2 Update.


Cheers !