Team Foundation Server Certification (70-496)

Administering Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Certification (70-496) is excellent way to get in-depth knowledge of the product and is extremely helpful in TFS administration.

Sharing below resources which were extremely helpful in Clearing my certification exam. While these resources could be helpful in the exam there is no better way to read the information and practice on a test/non user impacting TFS instance.

Note: Information in this article is for reference purpose only, please go through entire content available online, in books to get extensive knowledge around each of the topic.


What’s in Exam?

Per Microsoft site , exam is divided into four quadrants:

  1. Install and configure Team Foundation Server (TFS) (25‒30%)

  2. Manage Team Foundation Server (25‒30%)

  3. Customize Team Foundation Server for team use (20‒25%)

  4. Administer version control (25‒30%)


My notes for each of the topic: Please download attachment


Useful Resources:

MSDN Link for Application Lifecycle Management overview using TFS :

Professional Team Foundation Server 2012:

Awesome online training:

TFS Installation Guide: