Debugging an OOB Silverlight Business Application

Recently, we came across a bug with the Silverlight Business Application with respect to an Out of Browser application. In the RTM bits for Silverlight 4 Tools a new feature was added to enable a better debugging experience with Out of Browser application. The feature basically launched the app in OOB window when run with the debugger attached. If you have tried that with the business application template, you will notice that the app does not run. It crashes with an exception, that the URI path is not valid.

We realize this is an issue most folks are running into and we have fixed this template and we are looking ways to get you access to it. However, there is a relatively easy workaround to fix this issue.

The steps involved are :-

  1. Create a new or open up an existing application that was created using the BusinessApplicationTemplate
  2. Once the project is open, go to the Project Properties page for the Silverlight Application.
  3. In that, first uncheck the OOB option which is enabled by default


  1. Save the project
  2. Close the Project Property Page
  3. Open the Project Property page again
  4. Then go ahead and check the OOB option.


  1. In doing the stop above, the web server information and all data are now setup correctly.
  2. Run the App
  3. Voila!