RIA Services Link roundup Part 1

Earlier in the year, BradA had started this tradition. Each week he would round up links from across the web on RIA Services. I really loved that idea and have decided to continue the tradition.

Before I get started, here is a little about me:-

I am a Program Manager on the RIA Services team and have been working on it for the past 18 months now.  These months have been the most enjoyable during my short tenure in Microsoft (~  4.5 years). Prior to joining the RIA Services team, i was working on various other products from Microsoft like Windows Forms, Click Once and BizTalk Server. My team was responsible bringing the Developer Tools for BizTalk Server.

 Anyways let me not bore you with my bio.

Here are some useful links about RIA Services

The links above are useful to follow and to get an update about RIA Services.

Here are some blog entries by some colleagues of mine and by community that illustrate the power of RIA Services:-


Stay Tuned for more links in the coming days...

 Oh and how about them Colts and Saints....8-0 Baby!!!