Web 307: Effective RIA Demo Code

As promised, I am uploading the source code for the demo. Please keep in mind, there are some places where I have not followed best practices, I will follow up with a post after finishing and cleaning up the application. I have had a bunch of folks ask about the source code, so I wanted to get it out there.

You can download the source here:-




  1. Install RIA Services V1, if you don’t have it. https://www.silverlight.net/getstarted/riaservices/
  2. Download the zip
  3. Unblock it and then Unzip it
  4. Launch the solution and ensure that Web project is set as the startup
  5. Run the application
  6. Register a new user

Note: If you encounter an error when running the application, just run the application again.


Check out the admin page where, i create one screen that modifies 8 Lookup Tables. You can do as many as you want.

Also, check out the Tips page to recap the Tips we covered in the talk.

I will follow up with a more detailed post with details and steps.