App Week

One bloggable event happening right now is that we in the C# PU are once again planning an App Week. For those who are not aware, an app week is where we get together, form teams, and develop customer scenario applications with our product to find bugs and more particularly integration issues that we typically will not catch in day-to-day testing.

There are several teams of varied sizes this time, and I got paired with Scott Nonnenberg. There are just the two of us in our team, which we decided to vaingloriously name "SuperNerds of Redmond" or SNOR. Also, this time, since we have so much to do to get the product out the door in time, the app week will last only a week. (don't go D'oh, despite the singular name, app weeks typically last more than a week, most likely two).

Typically the apps are not something that we expect to release to anyone, they are just to find bugs and let us play with different features of the product other than our own, but this time we are hoping to come up with something that people might actually use.

Scott & I looked at customer suggestions that came in after the beta, and are leaning towards writing an add-in that allows you to restore earlier versions of your source file. There are a few other suggestions, some rather trivial, some too complicated for 2 people to complete in 5 (+2 weekend!) days.

If you have a suggestion for a nifty little feature you found yourself wishing for as you used Visual Studio, we both would be happy to hear it. Note that this has to be a feature related to the C# or Debugger experience.