Imaginative hiring techniques...

So I get this email from a guy on the Windows security team, they are looking for more people and this email was to existing MS employees enquiring if they wanted to move to the team.

What I liked about this particular headhunting was that instead of asking you to simply send in your resume, they set up a machine with a vulnerability and asked you to break into it and drop your resume into C:\resume. (hacking other employees' machines is a no-no by company policy but this was by permission of the owner). I did not take the offer as I like the debugger team, but I liked this imaginative way of immediately separating the grain from the chaff. I doubt if this technique will be used to scope out non-MS recruits but if any of you out there manage to break into one of our machines do feel free to forward your resume to the Windows Security team from our jobs webpage or even better use the Outlook on the hacked machine.

(yes, the opening is posted on our external "careers" website)