People Management and Leadership

Part of the people manager’s responsibilities is to provide clear, achievable goals to all employees; then assess how they are progressing toward those and support them in their endeavor to accomplish. Lack of motivation most of the time means that some goal - or more than one - will not be achieved. As a leader, the inspirational part of the work come to place to make sure the energy levels are high and the correct focus is applied to these defined goals. Different people will react to different motivational messages, and management must communicate very clearly the mission, vision, goals, and the strategies to achieve these goals. This helps employees to understand the importance of what they do and how they fit into the execution of these strategies.
Building continuation commitment is not that difficult - the carrot - but what makes it more complex is to work on the affective commitment. People may lack motivation because of management. That's why I believe so much that people management without leadership skills won't work very well - at the end of the day, people need the inspiration provided by a good leader; this is what will help to build emotional commitment and keep the best performers in the organization motivated toward reaching a shared vision. And with strong affective commitment, employees will work smarter, happier, and more motivated to achieve goals to that support the leadership’s vision.