Windows 7 Deployment Options for Small and Midsize Businesses

Happy new year to everyone!  It looks like I am making the first blog post here for 2012 :-)

To get the year rolling I thought I'd share anexcellent resource that I stumbled across this week, even though it was published back in November.  If you follow the link below you can download a printable overview poster of the Windows 7 deployment options that has been specifically designed for small and midsize organizations.  As you can see in the small extract below each option is shown as a simple diagram and then the advantages and limitations of each one are discussed in detail further on.  Also included in the poster are the limitations, basic requirements and helpful links to tools and further guidance, as well as a step-by-step overview of the Windows 7 deployment process.

I hope it is of use, and if you know of any other similar resources (both Microsoft and non-Microsoft) feel free to share them with our readers using the comments section below.  See here for more information and the download links.


This post was contributed by Daniel Oxley, a Senior Consultant with Microsoft Services UK

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