Sort Sections powertoy

How could we have guessed that people had so many sections that they would want to organize them with just a click of a button? With that being said I finally finished up my sort sections powertoy. Pretty much I took the same code for the sort pages and changed it to work for sections, it was pretty easy. I had a harder time with Visual Studio & getting my setup project to work correctly (oh and the icon that was a pain too).





  1. Make sure you have OneNote 2007 Installed & the Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0

  2. Download the file from here:

  3. Install

  4. Close and restart OneNote

  5. Click on the new button you have:


Now you are all set!

CAUTION: I didn't do any real testing other than a quick sanity tests, buyer beware! Oh and if you try it with a blank notebook you will just get a bunch of errors.

If you have problems/questions please let me know, otherwise I hope this helps you all out.