Creating Outlook rules not possible using Exchange Web Services?

When i working with the customer who is working with Exchange Server 2007, the discussion turned towards the Exchange Web Services. He is interested to create rules on Outlook using Exchange Web Services (EWS) and looks how to proceed on this.

At the end of research, we found that it's not possible to create rules for a specific mailbox using EWS. In the similar way, it is not possible to view the rules that are set on a mailbox with the EWS. This happens due to when we work with EWS we can't access the rules table.

We recommended customer to make use of the following API's:

1) using Messaging API (MAPI) with the Outlook Object Model (OOM)
2) using Extended MAPI

Email rules protocol specification docs - Available:

You can find the Email rules related protocol specification documentation by clicking here.