Dev Kids: Download Small Basic 1.2

We are excited to announce that a new version of Small Basic is now available with some cool new Kinect objects, language improvements, and bug fixes.  If you don’t know, Small Basic is Microsoft’s free BASIC programming environment for kids and is part of a family of easy-to-use free coding tools for kids that includes Kodu Game Lab and Touch Develop.  For more information, please visit the related blog postby my peer Michael Scherotter.

Download Small Basic 1.2 now and give a try!



We are sure that you will think of something cool to do with Kinect and Small Basic as we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to start programming with a Kinect sensor.  If you have used the Kinect sensor already, you will probably realize that only a portion of its capabilities are exposed today in Small Basic 1.2. 

You can do even more with the Kinect for Windows SDK 2.0, like define visual gestures and use the microphones built into the Kinect sensor.  So you can be a hero and start teaching Small Basic to kids, you can find tutorials, curriculum, community, and samples here.