Exchange Server 2010: EWS application crashes when calling GetStreamingEvents

One of my developer customer updated that he created an EWS Managed API based application which is getting crashed when they call the GetStreamingEvents operation to request notifications from a server that is running Exchange Server 2010; also the Client Access server (CAS) role installed. In general, the GetStreamingEvents response returns an array of items and events that have occurred in a mailbox since the last the notification. During investigation, we noticed that the EWS managed API sends back a compressed stream to the EWS application when the request of the GetStreamingEvents operation times out. As the EWS application cannot handle the compressed stream and crashes when it tries to parse the stream.

In order to resolve the issue, make sure you have Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 2 Rollup 2 installed & refer Knowledgebase article 2661854. It’s documented in