Fix: Windows Phone 7.5 & Facebook Password update “0x83cf1202”

Recently one of my customer changed his Facebook password via laptop. Later when he tried connecting via my Windows Phone/Facebook chat, it requested him to update the password. Unfortunately, he opted to delete the Facebook account, but it failed. After this, he can’t update his password. Doing so (Settings > Email+accounts > Facebook), it throws “Attention required – can’t delete Facebook” and error code “0x83cf1202”. 

Tried the following steps, which helped him to fix the issue:

1. Disconnect all devices/desktop apps and login with browser
2. Delete Facebook account (connected with Hotmail account) using the browser
3. Boot the phone
4. In Phone, Sync the Hotmail account. At end of this, delete the Facebook account
5. Now you can connect the Facebook account using Settings > Email+accounts > Facebook in the phone.

Note: Prior to that I learnt that he is connected with messenger desktop app browser, Windows Phone to the Hotmail account. Also the Facebook updates, notifications, still seem to work, but only chat doesn't Smile