Install error: OffCAT doesn’t install on Windows Server 2012 R2…. really?

Earlier I talked about OffCAT in-detail which helps to find out any known issues with Microsoft Office suite/apps. Based on this one of my customer tried and reported when they tried downloading from Microsoft downloads, running OFFCAT utility’s setup/.msi on their Windows Server 2012 R2; it doesn’t let them to install it. During the debugging we noticed the setup throws the following error:


If you look at the error, it will provide you the pointers how to install – “it needs to be installed with elevated permissions on Windows Server”. We tried the following steps to over the come the issue.
- Tried saving the .MSI file in their physical drive
- Open an elevated prompt or run the .msi file with elevated permissions/as Administrator
- Now we see that OffCAT utility installed without any issue.

Hope this helps.