Microsoft Graph API’s Beta version, developer guidance, support

Microsoft Graph API’s beta version,

  • You need to be aware that beta version contains features that are currently in preview. You’re invited to try these APIs.
  • Beta version is exposed under

How to find if the feature is in beta or not,

When you open the Graph API documentation, you will see the following (refer the important section).

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How to test it,

You can test them with your custom apps or with Microsoft Graph Explorer.

Microsoft Graph Explorer

Please be aware that,

  • Expect breaking changes to the beta version from time to time.
  • Do not take a production dependency on /beta APIs.
  • The beta endpoint includes APIs that are currently in preview and are not yet generally available.
  • The APIs in the beta endpoint are subject to change. We don't recommend that you use them in your production apps
  • There’s no guarantees been made that a beta feature will be promoted to the current version.

Beta to General Availability,

  • When the Microsoft Graph API team believes that a beta feature is ready for general availability (GA), the feature will be added to the latest current version.
  • If the promotion of the feature would result in a breaking change to the current version, the version number will be incremented, with the new version becoming the current version.


  • If you’ve the related feedback, then submit it via the following channels:
  • GitHub - For feedback on the Preview APIs, please tag it with beta.
  • StackOverflow - For questions or help with your code, tag with microsoftgraph.

Feature request,

  • In addition, if you’re an ISV/app developer then you can post feature request on UserVoice, including requests for new features as well as requests to promote existing beta APIs to the current version.

Hope this helps.