Microsoft Xbox: What else you can do more than playing games?

With Xbox LIVE, a whole world of extraordinary entertainment experiences awaits, including streaming music, HD movies, live sporting events, Facebook, Twitter, Video chat and more…

ESPN on Xbox 360:
With Kinect and ESPN you don't just watch the game, you live the game. With thousands of sporting events and the interactive social network of Xbox LIVE, ESPN on Xbox 360 brings the excitement of a stadium experience into your living room…

Friends and family:
Video Kinect™ lets you connect with family and friends from the comfort of your living room. The Kinect camera captures a full room view and even automatically zooms to capture everyone in the room. Connect with friends on Windows Live Messenger or chat from one Xbox 360 to another…

Bring your gamer friends with you wherever you go. With Xbox LIVE and Windows Phone 7, you can see who’s online and what your friends are doing on their consoles, PCs, or Windows 7 phones

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Movies and music:
Listen to music, watch a film or TV show, connect with your friends in real-time. Zune on Xbox 360 delivers HD movies in the clearest, eye-popping instant-on 1080p. You can access your favorite music and buy music videos too… Learn more about this


Windows Phone 7:
Game on the go and connect with friends wherever you are. Access your Xbox LIVE account right from your Windows Phone 7 and see what your friends are up to on Xbox LIVE. Add some edge to your gaming repertoire with mobile tips and tricks, track your gamer score, or deck out your avatar with the latest duds. Also stay in the game with the only phone with Xbox LIVE built in. Whether you’re waiting for the bus, traveling out of town, or just kicking back around the house, Windows Phone 7 and Xbox LIVE will keep your life in motion and put mobile gaming

Streaming music:
Bring a party to life with and listen to the world's largest online music catalog - including all your favorite songs - on your Xbox 360. Discover tons of new music and listen to personalized radio stations powered by millions of music fans. Learn more about this

Use your voice:
Kinect uses advanced entertainment technology to respond to the sound of your voice. Just say “Xbox” to reveal a series of voice commands. So you’ll be able to control HD movies with the sound of your voice—no remote required