More to try… ASP.Net vNext, .NET Native, RyuJIT and develop ASP.Net vNext apps on Mac!!

Earlier I covered about .Net Framework vNext. In addition to that, you can try out the ASP.Net vNext, .NET Native and RyuJIT releases by installing Visual Studio 14 CTP3.

ASP.Net vNext:
ASP.Net vNext is the new version of ASP.NET for web sites and services. We’ve continued to add new features and improve the development experience for ASP.NET vNext apps in Visual Studio “14”. It’s useful to recap what ASP.NET vNext offers, and why you should choose it for your next web platform. For more info, you can refer more info. For information on how to get started with ASP.NET vNext using Visual Studio “14” check out the article Getting Started with ASP.NET vNext and Visual Studio "14".

.Net Native: .
NET Native is integrated into Visual Studio 14 for the first time with CTP 3. This update of .NET Native also includes limited Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) support. You can now add service references to WCF services within a .NET Native app. Do you know that Windows Store apps start up to 60% faster with .NET Native and have a much smaller memory footprint. For more info, you can refer.

The .NET Code Generation team introduces the new, next-generation x64 compiler, codenamed RyuJIT. This new JIT is twice as fast, meaning apps compiled with RyuJIT start up to 30% faster. Moreover, the new JIT still produces great code that runs efficiently throughout the long run of a server process. For more info you can refer the following post.

Feedback: Please share your feedback at one of the following: For Visual Studio tooling related issues, please submit bugs through Connect, send suggestions on UserVoice and quick thoughts via Send-a-Smile in the Visual Studio IDE. For ASP.NET vNext, please provide feedback in Github or the ASP.NET vNext forum.

Develop ASP.Net vNext apps on Mac?? Yes, check out this interesting blog post by Sayed talks about developing ASP.Net on a Mac Smile