My View : Office 2010, what’s up, buddy?

Whenever our discussion turns towards Office 2010, most of my customers ask, “What’s up with Office 2010? Any new features? Some thing new for end users? What’s up buddy?”

There are many new features, user experiences available with each application/product of Office 2010 suite, which i reported couple of them earlier. Additionally I want to share couple of my experiences, that i personally tried.  

Regarding Office 2010, you can see new features, mobility, productivity and provide new dimensional user experiences:

  • Outlook Conversation view: I like this feature a lot, which helps me to keep track of conversation regarding a topic – whole thread for my view.

  • Use anywhere: Expect the best productivity experience across PCs, Phones and browsers.

  • Office anywhere: Find a new hands-on experience with Office Web Apps - people will be able to view, access, share and work with their Office documents from virtually anywhere.

  • Better Social Connectivity: It’s a social networking age, so our applications do. You can manage the professional, personal and social networks together with Outlook using Outlook Social Connector (OSC).

  • Mobile Office: You can have your whole office related work using Windows Mobile Office.

  • SharePoint Mobility: It’s just not Office, you can use SharePoint Mobility to access documents, lists, calendars on SharePoint 2010, performing people and document searches and receiving SMS alerts on SharePoint content.

  • x64 bit Office: As 64-bit processors and operating systems are becoming the standard for systems ranging from servers to desktop computers, 64-bit Office will be able to take advantage of everything that 64-bit systems have to offer. Microsoft Office 2010 marks the first time Office will be shipping in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

  • Virtualization & Office: Per Takeshi Numoto, CVP in Office, “App-V 4.6 provides Office customers with a robust set of features to tackle core challenges including application upgrade, application coexistence, and user readiness. It’s an exciting, powerful new way for IT to deliver Office 2010 quickly without impacting user productivity”

  • Office Graphics: With Office 2010, i do see lot of improvements for using Pictures – cropping pictures, background removal in Office 2010 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook).

  • My custom ribbon: I can create, customize and personalize my own Ribbon that suits my Office 2010 client applications.

  • Click-to-Run: This new software delivery mechanism introduced with Office 2010. It based on MS App-V (again, virtualization and streaming technologies).Already i discussed regarding this .

  • UI Extensibility: With new Backstage View, you can provide support for customization and extend the UI per your custom requirement.

  • Product Key-card: Using this single license card (with no DVD media), we can access and experience Office 2010 on new PC’s pre-loaded with Office 2010.

I know the list above is few, but i like them more, as they help me to improve the productivity.

Hope this helps. I wish you to try new Office 2010 suite and have a wonderful user experience with Office 2010!!