.Net & COM: How to consume managed type from COM?

  • In order to consume the managed type from COM, do the follow the steps given below:

  • Please refer Register assemblies with COM. Generally types in an assembly (and type libraries) must be registered at design time. If an installer does not register the assembly, instruct COM developers to use Regasm.exe.

  • Please refer Reference .NET types from COM. In general COM developers can reference types in an assembly using the same tools and techniques they use.

  • Please refer Call a .NET object which describes how COM developers can call methods on the .NET object the same way they call methods on any unmanaged type. The classical example would be COM CoCreateInstance API activates .NET objects.

  • Please refer Deploy an application for COM access. A strong-named assembly can be installed in the global assembly cache and requires a signature from its publisher. Assemblies that are not strong named must be installed in the application directory of the client