Part # 2 : Working with SCL (Spam Confidence Level) programmatically

In this series, we will concentrate on how we can get the IMF SCL rating programmatically with Outlook 2003/2007 by calling the getSCL() method:

 '[Outlook VBA : Code snippet]
 Sub getSCL()
 Set inbox = Outlook.ActiveExplorer.CurrentFolder 
 Set items = inbox.items
 'Implement Unstructured Exception handle 
 On Error Resume Next 'should it encounter an error, it will proceed to the next item. 
 For Each item In items 
 If item.Class = olMail Then 
 Set mail = item 
  'creates a user property called “SCL Rating” and adds the property to the folder
 Set sclProp = mail.UserProperties.Add("SCL Rating", olText, True)
  'schema value for PR_CONTENT_FILTER_SCL
 strSCL = mail.PropertyAccessor.GetProperty("") 
 sclProp.Value = strSCL 
 'saves the prop to the mail item
 End If 
 Set sclProp = Nothing 
 End Sub