Playing with Journal Items & Outlook Object Model # 1

I want to share my research (that i tried to play around with Journal items) with respect to Outlook Object Model API to you.

How to create the new Journal Item programmatically using Outlook Object Model?

Now, we can try how we can create a new Journal Item.

Code snippet: Creating a new Journal Item with Outlook Object Model & VBA

 'Creates a new journal item
 Dim objMail As Outlook.JournalItem
 'Create journal mail item
 Set objMail = Application.CreateItem(olJournalItem)
 With objMail
     .Body = "First Journal Item"
     .Companies = "ABC Corp"
     .Subject = "First Journal Item"
     .Importance = olImportanceHigh
 End With

How it will look like?


Where i can find this in Outlook (i tried Outlook 2007)?

1) Open Outlook. Select ‘Folder list’
2) From Left hand pane, you can see “All Folders/All Outlook Items”. Select “Journal”
3) You may get this alert. Select “Yes” to proceed further.

4) You can see the item in Outlook:


Happy programming!!