Troubleshooting: IIS/Exchange logs and WebDAV functions

You can collect information about client requests by enabling logging for sites and services. IIS logs are stored in %SystemRoot%\system32\Logfiles\<service_name>. If you examine the IIS/Exchange log file you will see the request for the sample application being handled by IIS - you can notice couple of jargons like GET, PUT, POST, MKCOL, LOCK, UNLOCK, PROPFIND, SEARCH, PROPATCH, SUSBCRIBE, UNSUBSCRIBE, POLL etc.


The three main HTTP functions used are GET, PUT and POST:

  • GET: Retrieves a document 
  • PUT: Puts an item in a folder 

  • POST: Submits an item to a folder

In addition to above, there are few more WebDAV functions that are used:

  • MKCOL: Makes a collection that is in essence the same as a Web Storage System folder. MKCOL allows you to make folders and set their properties. 

  • LOCK: Locks documents to prevent writes. 

  • UNLOCK: Allows writes and creates updates. 

  • PROPFIND: Searches for properties individually or for a whole set of folders. 

  • SEARCH: Provides filter, subquery and sort capabilities to a search. 

  • PROPPATCH: Sets arbitrary properties on an item. 

  • SUBSCRIBE: Adds a user to a list. 

  • UNSUBSCRIBE: Removes a user from a list. 

  • POLL: Checks to see if the notification is fired.

Happy troubleshooting!!