Troubleshooting: Outlook Social Connector Provider error codes

Outlook Social Connector providers should return errors to the caller. Please note that Success, warning, and error values are returned by using a 32-bit number that is called a result handle, or HRESULT. An HRESULT is not a handle to anything; it is merely a 32-bit value that has several fields encoded in the value.

A positive result indicates success with status, a zero result indicates success without status (S_OK), and a negative result indicates failure. I have listed the couple of the error codes that I noticed…

Error code



Authentication failed on the network of the social network site.


No connection is available to connect to the social network site.


General failure error.


The OSC provider denied permission for the resource


An invalid argument was passed to a function.

For the detailed list of Outlook Social Connector Provider Error Codes are listed at